We believe in Indonesia and Its people.

Indonesia will reach its full potential when led by leaders who are holistic, purposeful, and God-fearing. This can only be achieved by reforming the current young generation, by strategically empowering the education sector.

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We make people the focus of our business. Professionalism comes after it.

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There’s an African saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

We believe that it takes the whole generation to transform a nation

Are you: A student or undergraduate? A teacher or lecturer? An institution leader or policy maker? A business institution in education sector? 

These programs are designed for you.

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I started to promote a culture of innovation (encouraging continuous change), assignments in student learning that were more organized and monitored and parental communication was more open about student learning activities at school.

Mevi Agustine

EFATA Christian School

After participating in the Leaders Forum, we began to implement a culture of innovation in learning, daily activities, as well as the characteristics of the school. The positive impact is that all parties feel the benefits of being safe and up-to-date in technology. Although not all parties have been able to adapt quickly in 3 months, the enthusiasm for change has begun. Thank you REFO Indonesia.

Clara Yunita Tatang


The weekly mentoring is cool. The tutors are very good at delivering the material, very helpful, and have become very good facilitators. Lots of video tutorials related to all the material which is very useful and enriches the knowledge and skills of using Google, a very comprehensive skill checklist and help to practice systematically.

Sthepanus Sinin

SD YPS Singkole

Together with us, let's transform Indonesia.

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