About Us

Our reason for being and the people behind the movement

REFO was born out of the belief in Indonesia’s potential and in Indonesians. All of us have been longing to see a better nation. There is a generation waiting to be awakened. It is our vision to see Indonesia 2045, where we are led by individuals who are holistic, purposeful and godly.

This huge task-at-hand of elevating the entire generation, can only be done strategically via the education sector. This is why REFO exists: to set examples, facilitate ideas, empower communities, and lead the way.

REFO was registered as PT. Reformasi Generasi Indonesia. The company’s main aim was to reform education stakeholders in order to generate leaders who would be ready to take on the nation. Through REFO’s programs, the lives of more than 400,000 educators nation-wide had been impacted. REFO’s current areas of engagements were: Education Technology, Youth Leadership, Ideas Platform, Community Empowerment and Startup Mentorship. REFO was Indonesia’s top Google for Education partner in Professional Development, the Specialist in Education, and the Recommended Certified Coach partner.

Key Personnel

Pepita Gunawan

Founder & Managing Director

Pepita Gunawan is an Educator at heart. She grew up in Indonesia, completed her Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the National University of Singapore. She had chosen education as her playing field since the beginning of her career. She spent 6 years as a consultant and trainer in life skills development while in Singapore. She came back to her hometown in 2009 and then assisted a prominent local university in their higher ed – industry collaboration programs. Afterwards, she pivoted slightly into the educational technology field, when she worked for Google APAC and was responsible for evangelizing the importance of technology in learning. In 2017 she left the company, pursuing her long time dream of entrepreneurship. She founded REFO in March 2018, invited Steven afterwards and nurtured the baby stage of REFO. Since REFO began, Pepita has trained, consulted, and inspired more than 4,000 students, educators and institution leaders. Pepita is a Google Certified Trainer. Her true passion is in Youth Leadership, Purpose and Growth Mindset, and Experiential Learning.

Steven Sutantro

Principal Consultant

Steven Sutantro is the Google for Education Certified Trainer, Innovator, Google Earth Educator Expert, with vast experience in transforming learning and working for leaders, educators and professionals by optimizing digital technology usage. With 7 years experience as educator himself and community leader, he has helped more than 100 schools and universities, and mentored more than 500 leaders and educators in attaining their Google educator certifications. Steven is an achiever of many international awards and certifications such as from the US Embassy, TED Ed Innovative Educator, Apple Teacher, National Geographic Certified Educator, & Google Earth Education which are relevant with the 21st century learning design. As an initiator of Google Educator Group in Indonesia, Steven collaborates with various international trainers and innovators from Asia Pacific and global to catalyze change via technology adoption in education.

Reforming Generation, Transforming Nation

If you have the same beliefs and longing with us and want to be part of this movement, let’s collaborate.